The Earth Is The Home of All 
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Contact:                                          June 818-697-0641
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                   June's Story

June Roca started this website.
She is a Health Coach.
She was also a raw private chef in Dallas for a year. She used to conduct classes on:
Vegan Cooking 
Vegetarian Cooking
Raw Vegan Uncooking
Raw Vegetarian Uncooking
Paleo Cooking
Traditional Cooking

Her story started when she was diagnosed of Cancer in the middle of a raw vegan diet in 2008.

She wanted to know why her "healthy eating" turned into being diagnosed with a disease rather than health.
She "walked back" to find out what happened and why.

She saw that there were layers of resonant fears underlying her decision to have a "healthy diet". She uncovered these fears including "fear of disease, fear of death, fear of survival etc. and forgave herself. 

She used commonsense in caring for herself. She refused chemotherapy and radiation knowing her body in in stress and cannot handle any more stress. She looked at her relationship with her body, mind and society in which she lives particularly looking at the role of the social set-up in mitigating resonant stress. Then, she investigated words and started expanding words including the word CAN CER

In 2009, she was declared free of cancer. 

She started a 3 1/2 days fast after she healed herself from Cancer. It was diffuclt in the first day but she was surprised to find out that the body has a lot of energy even when she was not feeding it on the 2nd and third days. She realized that there is no one diet that works for everyone.

She further investigated the use of sugar.
When she was expanding the word S AL AD to include the AIR SALAD, she saw the path to Real HE AL TH.

She realized that Real Health is the Physical, Mental and Social well-being of all within and without.
This led her to launch a project called BHOE which means "Bridging A Haven on Earth".

What Does "Bridging a Haven on Earth" mean?

It is about standing for that which will benefit all. It is about planting a seed within that will grow and create a HAVEN ON EARTH. We are redesigning the seed - as words within, nourishing it to grow as redesigned seeds - with redesigned growth potential, where we will spin the word to align its meaning to our purpose ("purr pose" as the pose of contentment) from a design based on self-interest to a design where we stand for what is best for all, expressing ourselves to our utmost potential.

We are using words as our bridge. 

Words are symbols - as sound that become sentences, which then become a paragraph. Our words speak of who we all are - our essence. The definition we give words is how we see ourselves. It speaks of our identity.

Our identity as an individual - which we defined separate from all, needs to expand to include all life. Our real identity is fundamentally who we all are - as parts of the whole, that is Life.

We need to expand our relationship with ourselves and with others - from a limited definition of who we are to an expanded definition that includes the whole. Otherwise, we will lose our real identity - our real essence.

The consequence of defining ourselves within a limited definition of ourselves - as separate from others, is that we will identify ourselves as separate from the whole - which is contrary to our essence, and this misunderstanding leads to a misunderstood identity. This confusion about who we really are will compromise our expression.  This will lead to competition rather than expanding our expression to co-creation within our expanded expression as parts of the whole.

Spinning words, expanding words or redefining words with limited meaning is about planting the seed within as words that resonate within and without directing the recipe to nourish all life. This will birth an expanded expression of ourselves - which will birth a haven within which when expressed without will open the door to bridge a haven on earth, where we decide from the basis of "what is best for all" , the primary principle of life.

Let's rewrite our recipes of living - from coping to survive (as in a life of survival - with some of us suffering in poverty) to a dignified life for all with expanded expression (as in creating a Haven on Earth where all have the basic necessities to survive, therefore able to express oneself to our full potential).

Our Vision

Bridging A Healthy Haven On Earth

Where "Me" Becomes "We" 

Where We Bridge A Healthy Haven For All On Earth One Word At A Time

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